Vegan Black Metal Chef by Brian Manowitz

Posted: 2011.08.06 in YouTube

Have you seen the Vegan Black Metal Chef?

It’s just what it sounds like: a guy created a mock cooking show with your host, who is a vegan black metal musician (…and chef) dressed like a KISS reject in what looks like the inner sanctum of a Satanist. The recipes are growled out with metal-sounding guitar riffs playing in the background, and all of the words are clearly subtitled so you don’t miss a thing.

As a vegetarian who happens to like metal, this is one of the most hilarious things I’ve been introduced to in the world of YouTube. I must sincerely thank my sister for e-mailing a link to me.

Now, insofar as Mr. Manowitz’s .com, you can download the audio tracks for each episode of VBMC for free, and also buy very entertaining VBMC merchandise, including a t-shirt with the VBMS logo on the front and “HAIL SEITAN!” on the back, a button, a patch, and a sticker. I’ll certainly be getting something. This guy’s worth the purchase, if he keeps it up. The website also offers a forum for discussion of — you guessed it — veganism and music, including a place to trade recipes and offer cooking tips, as well as the blog posts of Mr. Manowitz himself, which in fact include the recipes he makes in the videos. THEY ARE ACTUAL RECIPES THAT HE COOKS. He in fact has a mission statement on his website:

The Vegan Black Metal Chef Project has 2 main purposes.

1) Help answer the question “what do vegans eat”/show vegan cooking in the most informative and fun way possible while making some great music to go along with it.

2) Help people bring consciousness to their lives and actions.

The first will be addressed with of course the videos and various articles under the “Feed Your Body” category.

The second will be addressed with a series of articles and videos under the “Feed Your Mind” category.

My Greatest wish is that you find this useful. Thank youall for all of the great support.

In summary: I love cooking but am not a fan of cooking shows…so this will be the only cooking show I will ever watch. Hehe. Seriously…just watch a little bit. It’s funny. And even better, it’s actually informative, too.

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