Watch Out for Fireballs!

Posted: 2011.10.04 in Podcasts

I recently delved into the world of podcasts. I know, I know, they’ve ONLY been around for years, right? Well, I’ve never really been a fan of talk radio, so the concept of podcasts just did not appeal to me. However, as I can’t update my iPod with new music due to my computer being out of whack, I started downloading podcasts to my iPhone just to have something different to listen to at work. Watch Out for Fireballs! is not the first podcast I tuned into, but it is one of two so far that I have decided to follow. It’s about retro gaming and is hosted by Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross, who also run other podcasts. To put it simply, they’re funny, informative, and not too geeky (a little geeky is just fine in my book! What fan isn’t? I geek out all the time ;)~). Some gamer podcasts I’ve listened to are simply the unprofessional, idle rants of fanboys who seem to really have nothing else to do with themselves, but this one is solid and fun.

The first episode is the one that caught my attention as it covered Mega Man X. As a long-time fan of the Mega Man/Rockman series and in particular a fan of the more mature themes of the X series, this piqued my interest. If it wasn’t for Gary and Kole’s selection of this specific game for their podcast I might not have bothered to listen at all. At this time there are only two episodes available, Mega Man X and Myst, both of which I have played. My recollection of Myst was rather fuzzy, but I remembered more and more about it as I listened to the podcast. However, I was really laughing during the Mega Man X episode. I have a special love of the world of the X series, as I’d actually done some text-based RPing in it, and in fact had even drawn up part of a manga based on that original storyline.

But back to the podcast! Both of the episodes share the same format:

  • introduction and intro theme music
  • synopsis of the storyline of the game
  • gameplay mechanics and components commentary
  • pros and cons
  • overall first and renewed impressions of the game
  • listener feedback on the game
  • contact data and next episode info

This is a solid format that I think works very well. One of the things I enjoy the most is when they reminisce about their first experiences with the games when they were kids, as I can totally relate.

The game that will be covered in the third podcast is Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth by Bethesda. I have not tried this game before, but two factors have determined that at length I will try it when I have either fixed or replaced my computer: 1) it’s Bethesda; 2) WOFF! recommends it. In just two podcasts, they’ve gained my trust insofar as retro gaming is concerned (although it seems a bit strange to me to consider a game released in 2005 as “retro”…that’s a personal opinion only though!).

If you like retro gaming, I’d definitely recommend this podcast. Not raunchy like some, nor entirely pristine and boring, these are down to earth people with some solid feedback to offer. They also have a Facebook page for those of you on Facebook.

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