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Posted: 2012.06.30 in Movies

To put it succinctly, my response was: “What…the HELL…was that?!”

I’ll back up and explain.

According to the information listed on Wikipedia, this movie was set in the same universe as Alien, but takes place before the first movie. It is not, however, a direct prequel. Ridley Scott, the director, stated that they may make a sequel to Prometheus but in order to tie straight into the original Alien, a third movie would be needed. The ending of Prometheus very clearly does set itself up for a Part Two, but unfortunately I doubt I’ll want to go watch it in the theater.

First though, I’ll talk about the good. The soundtrack, although not riveting or memorable, gets the job done. The special effects are beautiful. It’s a pretty movie. The actors do the job and I believe were well cast. Ridley Scott’s directing is also just fine. The pacing of the movie is similar to the way Alien is paced: slow at first, with a spiral of more and more action near the end.

However, my big issue with the movie is the writing. While there are many nods to Alien interspersed throughout the film both in lines of dialogue and situations, the writers throw so many different things at the viewer without ever explaining anything. Meanwhile, the bits of story that viewers should be able to pick up on and assume on their own are very clearly explained in the dialogue, sometimes more than once or for longer than is really necessary. While there is of course the intention of making a sequel, the sheer number of “WTF was that all about” moments and ridiculous happenings just made me shake my head in puzzlement.

It’s not suspenseful. It’s not scary. It’s not action-packed even at the end when a lot of things are happening. If you just like the Alien universe, don’t think about much when you watch movies or just have lower standards than me for your entertainment, then you’ll enjoy this film. It’s pretty. But that’s about all I can say for it. Although I like Ridley Scott movies, I didn’t care for this one. I feel like I need to go watch Alien to cleanse myself of the retardation that sapped my Friday evening.

Now for those who want specifics and don’t mind spoilers, I’ll explain further…



I bought this book due to a sudden intense impulse to create a vegetable garden on my apartment patio. Although I’ve kept plants off and on in the past, I haven’t had a vegetable garden of my own since I was a little girl (and even that was a family garden) and thus I felt it would be a good idea to educate myself about the matter.

First, let me say that this book does the trick. It’s a handy reference guide with detailed information on 160 different vegetables, herbs and flowering edible plants. It lists growing regions of Texas, planting and frost dates, troubleshooting for each plant, info on beneficial bugs as well as pests, techniques for improving soil and so on. Thus, if you live in Texas and want an all-in-one veggie guide, this is a good book to have. The only thing I’d say is that it lacks real photos of the bugs mentioned, and the quality of the photos in print isn’t the best, but it has all the info you will need in either case.

Now, as to the source of the information, a large chunk is regurgitated from the extension service and so you can probably get most of this info yourself for free from them. However, in my opinion it takes a lot more time and effort to get the info yourself, print it and organize it than it takes to get a copy of this book to use. To me, the price is worth it in that case. There are tons of critical reviews on this book in a variety of locations, but speaking from my own personal viewpoint the book is good to have, succinct, and easy to navigate. It will remain in my book collection for some time and was a worthwhile purchase.

If you’re curious about what’s going on in my little garden, you can check out my personal life blog category.