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Grayson: Earth One

Posted: 2013.07.09 in YouTube

Grayson: Earth One

We interrupt your regularly scheduled reviews in order to share some important (to me) news:

Hisonni Johnson is directing/producing a fan film series based on one of my absolute favorite superheroes, Nightwing (Dick Grayson). In this interesting re-imagining, his former domino mask is replaced by smudgy black eye makeup and he wears black leather. Why? Because he’s a ROCKSTAR. If the fact that this is Nightwing and he’s now reforged as a musician weren’t reason enough for this to catch my attention, the fact that the directing is wonderful would certainly do it. The first episode is well-paced. There is no confusion as to what is happening (though intrigue as to why, of course) and the main characters (protagonists and antagonists alike) are memorable/striking in look and behavior. The episode has a strong sense of mood due to lighting, music and Richard’s overall disposition (thanks to the combination of Hisonni’s vision/direction and Stephen McCain’s acting).

Stephen McCain is an Olympic gymnast and is, furthermore, a capable and convincing actor (this is always an important distinction to make). I have been sufficiently impressed. In the pilot episode you’ll also see Batman briefly, Barbara Gordon (who is a badass and will eventually become Batgirl), and Helena Bertinelli (Huntress).

Curious? The pilot is up on YouTube, and linked below. There’s also currently an Indiegogo campaign going on — make a donation to the cause! I’d LOVE to see this funded! I am also interested in checking out more of Hisonni’s work.

A note about the music: In the first scene which features Nightwing/Richard, he is singing in a club. The song used is Broken by Serpent Underground. You can help the band out by voting to get them on the Rockstar UPROAR tour here! Please do so! I bought the album Broken is on after watching episode 1 of Grayson: Earth One.