Comics Miscellany – April #1

Posted: 2014.04.25 in Manga/Comics

It’s been awhile since I’ve used this blog for anything, so I felt like I should get back on it. Here’s a list of the comics I’ve read recently:


  • Kinski #1 –  Got this as a freebie during some promo or another. Not sure why the dude is so obsessed with the dog. Didn’t pique my interest.
  • Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 – In which Danny Rand transformed into Batman. I love Kaare’s color use and layouts, and the story is solid. Although I do like my dark and gritty stuff I actually feel kind of jaded about this take on the character, but I respect Kaare’s skills enough to keep reading.
  • Ghost Rider #1-2 – Picked up physical copies on a recommend from my friend Jake at 8th Dimension Comics & Games. I can see that it will be a fun take, and although at first the art was a bit off-putting to me I think it really works with the style of the story. It didn’t really tickle my pickle though, so I don’t know that I will keep up with it. Maybe when it’s a trade.
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #1-7 – Picked up after listening to Darrell talk about it consistently on No Apologies Podcast. Bought issue 1, liked it, bought issue 2. Read issue 2, liked it, bought all the rest of the issues. I have to agree with him that this is one of my favorite current comics.
  • Aesop’s Ark #1-3 – A charming tale of the stories the animals on the Ark tell each other to pass the time. The art and lettering are all done by hand in pencil (which I love as my own comic is drawn and lettered by hand), by an artist who is a children’s book illustrator. Each issue is short, but very good. I will be following its releases.
  • D4VE #4 – I got the first issue as a promo freebie, and liked it enough to keep up with it. It’s a 5-part mini, and issue 5 isn’t out yet. Very entertaining and funny.
  • Tiny Titans #1 – A collection of jokes poking fun at the Teen Titans. Very funny if you like that team. I’ll be getting more in the future and probably keeping current with it.
  • RoboCop: Last Stand #1 – Didn’t really catch my fancy, but I gave it a shot.
  • Pretty Deadly #1 – Despite the hype this didn’t really catch my attention either.
  • We Kill Monsters #1 – This kind of perked me up some. I’m somewhat interested but not chomping at the bit for more. Like Ghost Rider, I may read more of this in a collected volume at some later point.


  • Twisted Dark #1 – This is right up my alley insofar as the horror-type stuff I read is concerned. Well-written and illustrated by a variety of artists, this is a collection of stories that seem innocent enough at first, but always have – you guessed it – a dark twist at the end. I’ll be getting more of these to catch up to the current publication.


I also had a chance to use the Marvel AR app on Iron Fist and Ghost Rider. It’s kind of neat, but not so exciting that I’m amazingly jazzed. It also requires you to scan a page of the comic (meaning either you have a physical copy or open the digital version on a computer, I guess, and scan it with your phone/tablet). It also only has the info saved to it for the most recent comics, so if you are just now reading AR comics you have to go visit the website to see the extras.


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