Comics Miscellany – April #2

Posted: 2014.04.29 in Manga/Comics

On Friday I posted a list of comics I’ve read this month with a bit of info on my reaction to each. Well, I did a lot more reading in the last few days in my attempts to unwind around the various projects and work I’ve been mired in.


  • Avatar #1 – I’d finally dusted off my Dark Horse app on my tablet and decided to poke around. This was a freebie, and unlike seemingly everyone else in the world I have never watched Avatar. It wasn’t bad, but nothing caught my attention either.
  • Conan the Cimmerian #0 – Anyone who’s read other posts on this blog will understand that I have a history with Conan. I’ve read the complete collection of original stories by Robert E. Howard and own all the movies. However, I’ve never read the comics. I was legitimately surprised with how faithful they have been to the source material. This particular issue did not catch my eye as much as Conan #0, but I fully intend to read all of the Conan comics at length. This issue was good…but Conan #0 was slightly better.
  • Conan #0-8 – Rather conveniently Dark Horse ran a sale this weekend on digital comics. After reading #0 I opted to buy the entire run of Conan, and have been chipping away at it. As I said above, I’ll be reading all of the various runs in time.
  • Ghost: In the Smoke and Din #0 – This was a freebie that also caused me to purchase the rest of the run. I was curious enough to get the one bundle. If I like it enough, I will start reading the regular Ghost series.
  • Stray Bullets #1-4 – These were well-written and fun in a dark way. Starting from different points, each story ties into the others in some way via common characters. I’d like to continue reading this at length.
  • The Darkness #1 – I’ve attempted to read The Darkness and Witchblade and like them several times over the years, literally since I first saw them in the comic store back when I was in high school. I have just never liked the stories or characters although I like the artwork. I read this again to see if I might like it now as it’s been awhile since my last attempt, but no dice. Comixology was running a sale on this series so I thought I’d see if I wanted to purchase some. Glad I bought Conan and Ghost instead.
  • Ms. Marvel Infinite Comics #1 – A freebie that I read because I am interested in the current run of the main title comic for this character. I will probably pick up a few issues of Ms. Marvel sometime next month.


  • Saga #3 – In which every character falls in love in exactly 2.5 seconds. Seriously, what the hell? This series is fairly fun and I do enjoy the artwork, but I feel that it’s overrated. So many people respond to any mention of this title with, “It’s SOOOOOOO good!” Good lord, this is not a masterwork. Breathe! I will keep reading it, but I’m apprehensive that it’s going to fall apart like Y: The Last Man did as it approached the end. Note that I loved the start of that series, but it lost me somewhere.
  • American Virgin #1-2 – This is a great series. I have the other two trades on my “to read” pile. I’ve been rather enjoying it.
  • Sin City #2 – It’s awesome. I love returning to these books to observe the minimalist art and the particular style of narration.

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